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Empathic Reader

While some readers can hear voices, see very specific images, or can even speak to those who have crossed over, my talent is a bit different. When I read the cards I sometimes start to feel emotional, other times memories will bubble up.


For instance I'll recall how I felt watching a particular movie, or think about a quote from a book, or recall a memory of me with my children.

I consider these feelings and memories as messages from my spirit guides.  These "feelings" are why I call myself an empathic reader. These are the clues that help me to answer your question or address your current concerns. 

How I Started Tarot

My mother gave me my first deck of Tarot cards in 1998. The cards fascinated me.  I studied the meanings. I tested the results. I researched further and their truths just fascinated me more.


The next step was reading for friends. Then strangers. The information I received was too specific to be just chance. And my confidence in the messages grew. 

As much as I search for one, I have no rational, provable explanation to explain how -or why- it works. None. The best I've been able to come up with is that my spirit guides are able to communicate with yours (you may refer to them as guardian angels). This allows your guardians to give you messages through my spirit guides. Or, more intensely, deliver a message to you that they need you to hear. 

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How I Help

Just as important as confidentiality, my prime concern is to not negate self-determination. It is important to me that I help you to resolve your question. While I will provide you with guidance as I am directed to by your guardian angel/spirit guide(s), I do not predict the future. Your life and your choices are yours to make. For me to tell you absolutes does nothing but undermine your self-will. 

I am here to guide and provide you with a different perspective. To give you messages from your guides. I am not a doctor nor a trained counselor. I was called by my spirit guides to help others. I promise I will provide you with insights, ideas, guidance, and truth. 

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