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What is "Ask Xtina"?

"Ask Xtina" is a video version of an old-style newspaper advice column. Christina, or rather Xtina, will take at least one submission a week and will do a Tarot reading to help answer the questions.

While all questions will be answered publicly on YouTube, the name of the submitter (or "querent" as they are called by Tarot readers) will be disguised to help keep the identity of all querents confidential. 

If your question is selected, you will be emailed a link to the reading once it is published on Tarot by Xtina's YouTube channel. 

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Refer to Xtina's Code of Ethics and the How to Ask Questions articles for more information about how to get best results when submitting questions. 

Please note that this is the only way that Xtina provides Tarot readings at no charge. A submission does not guarantee an answer. 

Ask Xtina a Question

Thanks for asking. If I feel drawn to your question, I will notify you. 

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