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'Tis I: Xtina, Upcycle Artist


Imagine a barefoot, seven-year-old girl, pulling her little red wagon through town picking up and collecting the most interesting things along the way: a rusted bottle cap, a piece of bark that curled up like a smile, and a green plastic army man rescued from the gutter to name a fewShe then puts some dirt in a coffee can, adds some daisies and clover hijacked from her yard, and thoughtfully places those found treasures throughout the ensemble. Next, she paints a “Yard Sale” sign and pitches it in her yard where her “terrarium” masterpieces are for sale.

That was Christina. 

After giving up that childhood enterprise to join the corporate world in a not entirely unsuccessful try at being a mechanical drafting software geek, and then giving that up, starting in 2015, Christina finally circled back to her childhood roots and embraced a new career as an upcycle artist and artisan.  Which translates to someone who takes things that other folks do not want and transforms them into something unexpected that some other folks actually do want.

Studio X

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