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I am CX Lefebvre a

Novice Noveler

It is really hard to say when I started this (my first) novel. I have been thinking about it since at least the 90's. However, I didn't start to actually write stuff down until 2018. I started to get really serious in 2020. Fingers crossed, it gets done before the decade ends!

Old Typewriter

My story is set in a world of my making (though I do borrow from legends, myths and tribal stories). The genre is ArcanePunk: a setting where magic and science coexist. This a parallel world -- an alternate world where colonization never occured in the Americas and the Natives flourished. 


I plan to write more stories in this world. There will be threads that connect in each of the books but it won't be a trilogy-like series. Maybe later I'll write a trilogy but, for now, the plan is that each book will be a standalone story.  

A Portal to Kab

If you'd like to know a little bit more about Kab, the world I'm building, click here

To read my blog "When South Was Up" click here.

South is Up
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